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Candidate profile: Alexandra Killham

Alexandra Killham.
Alexandra Killham.

Name: Alexandra Killham
Age: 22
Program: Music and anthropology

Relevant experience:

A: I worked for the Explore summer language bursary program in the summer at Dal which was a really fantastic experience for me and a leadership role, and I’m also really involved in the DSU Action group. So both of those things have helped guide me and given me a different set of skills that are new to me and exciting.

G: Why are you running for the Senate position?

A: I need to get involved this year in student politics and I think the Senate might be the least familiar among students. I think it’s important that we start to talk more about the political systems at Dal.

G: What do you think the role of the Senate representative is?

A: The role of the senate rep is to speak on behalf of students on academic issues and I think it’s important to me because that’s a pretty big position to have. There are only seven students on senate and there are 80 people total. So the role as student senator is a very heavy and weighty role because there’s not a whole lot of representation for students.

G: If you were on the Senate this year, what issue would you have brought to the table?

A: Senate reform was not spoken about and there have been a couple great proposals made about how that could be a functioning great idea. I also think that native planner/native study courses and native study minors— any of those are important.

G: What is your stance on NSCAD University being absorbed by Dal?

A: I absolutely support the people as NSCAD and their needs and I think they are very clearly expressing that they do not want to be part of Dal, and I absolutely support them in that.

G: What changes, if any, would you make to Dal’s plagiarism software/policies?

A: I don’t know. I don’t know what plagiarism software looks like. It doesn’t sound very friendly but I don’t know.

G: What committees would you hope to serve on if elected and why?

A: I’ve been asked this a couple times. I think I could sit on any of them and be interested in what’s happening but I don’t have a preference for which one yet. I just don’t know enough about it.

Other candidates for Senate are: Jay Fradette, Rebecca Eldridge, and Ryan Hartigan.

Katrina Pyne
Katrina Pyne
Katrina was Editor-in-chief of the Gazette for Volume 145 and News Editor for Volume 144.

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