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DSU VPSL Candidate: Jad Ghiz

Position: Vice- President (Student Life)

Candidate: Jad Ghiz

Why are you running for VPSL?

Simple. It’s what I love to do. Project management and event coordination is what I am studying and what I want to spend my life doing. My dream job is to create a business that does project-based humanitarian work around the world. I’m running for VPSL because I want to give Dalhousie students what they deserve. I want Dalhousie to be full of opportunities to create fun and exciting experiences. This means more events, more collaboration with societies and more variety. I’m also running because I believe I can do it best. With years of experience in event planning and project management coupled with years of bar and service industry experience, I know to put on events that are fun and also safe. 

What do you admire about the current DSU executives?

The current exec has done a lot of great work this year in regards to mental health and ending harmful stigma that I especially love. As someone who has depended on the food bank, I love that they are expanding this service and pushing to end any stigma around it. The current executives have also started a new initiative in the Student Union Building as support for students struggling with mental health. I plan on continuing Dal mental Health Forum if elected as VPSL

What would you like to see DSU do differently?

I want to make Dalhousie more fun. Students are sick of the bureaucratic nonsense that the DSU has been involved in this past year. It has prevented the DSU from being able to serve the students and I will make sure it stops. I plan on building a strong relationship between the DSU’s Student Life department and the administration’s Student Affairs department work together to make student life more enjoyable. After all, both departments have the same mandate. 

What do you think is the biggest issue on campus right now?

The biggest problem facing students is the lack of mental and emotional support. As part of my campaign, under my safety platform, I am focusing on hiring more emotional and mental staff and providing accommodations for students at events who need the support. Advocating for things outside of my mandate as VPSL is also a big part of my campaign. Res life managers have cut corners in RA training leaving RAs to support their students with minimal training. I will work with residences on increasing RA training and funding for such training.

While for off-campus students, the largest stressors are affordable housing and tenant rights, food security, and financial support. If these needs aren’t met, the student’s mental health is jeopardized. That is why I will rebuild the Dal certified housing bulletin and bring it under the DSU support to ensure students are able to find affordable and safe housing. For tenant rights, I will include a housing info program for new and old students who are not well versed on their rights in Halifax.

Finally, I will continue the work of the previous exec in regards to food security on campus, support the food bank and connect with emergency hunger relief programs around Halifax with students who are unable to get support from campus services. 

What’s your favourite spot on campus?

My favourite spot is a haven of privacy and relaxation where one can do their business in peace. It provides you with all the amenities you may need and enables you to recharge before heading back to your busy life. However, I am afraid if I were to divulge this hidden oasis, myself and the few that go there, will no longer be able to enjoy its fruits. 

That said, if you ask me in person I will guide you to the promised land.


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