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“F*** ‘em,” read button on Conservative website


Until Tuesday afternoon a page titled “The NDP doesn’t respect your faith” existed on the official website of the Conservative Party of Canada, including a button reading, “Fuck ’em”.

Conservative spokeswoman Megan Murdoch, after visiting the page Tuesday, said she would confirm whether the page was actually the party’s or not, adding that fake pages have been created over the campaign.

The URL for the page was “,” apparently indicating the page was a template on a subdomain intended for pages still under development.

Shortly after the Gazette asked Murdoch about the page, all pages on the “” subdomain went offline to the public.

The page could be found through a Google search of for “faith” or “NDP.”

While other pages on the subdomain included messages highlighting aspects of the Conservative platform, the NDP-criticizing template page only held Lorem Ipsum gibberish text.

All pages on the subdomain had boxes for readers to fill in with their name, email and postal code to subscribe to a newsletter.

But while the campaign pages on the subdomain had “submit” buttons labelled “I agree!”, “Add my name!” and “I support lower taxes!”, the submit button on the template page read, “Fuck ’em”.

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Jesse Ward
Jesse Ward
Jesse, editor-in-chief of the Gazette, is a fifth-year student of journalism at Dalhousie and the University of King’s College. He started university with three years of experience writing for Teens Now Talk magazine, where he is now copy editor. Before writing a story Jesse likes to think about how his metal detector could finally be useful in researching this one, but there is never a way it could be. Jesse has produced writing and interactive features for and The Chronicle Herald. He may be followed on Twitter, @RealJesseWard, or from the Gazette office on Mondays around 8 p.m. to his home in West End Halifax. Email Jesse at

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