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Remembering Angela Rehhorn and Danielle Moore

Dalhousie University is mourning the loss of alumni Angela Rehhorn and Danielle Moore: both young environmentalists chosen to be delegates at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Rehhorn and Moore were onboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane when it crashed on March 10. The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft departed from Addis Ababa towards Nairobi and had 157 people on board. The travellers came from 35 different countries, including 18 Canadian passengers. There were no survivors and the reasons behind the crash are still under investigation

Angela Rehhorn  

In this image: A profile picture of Angela Rehhorn.
Angela Rehhorn was one delegate for the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo from Rehhorn’s Facebook profile

“Angie always loved the ocean,” said Rehhorn’s former roommate Paula Lagman.  

The two were matched in first year at Dal and had been roommates up until two years ago. “She was very passionate about the environment and sustainability.” 

Rehhorn was working at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and had recently been accepted to join the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Canadian Conservation Corps.  

statement from the conservancy said: “from the moment we met her, we could see Angela was a gifted and committed conservationist who was dedicated to making the world a better place.”  

Rehhorn graduated from Dalhousie in 2017 with a double major in Marine Biology and Sustainability. Rehhorn worked and volunteered with several environmentalist organizations from coast to coast.  

“I think she would have made a difference in the world, she was really passionate about this,” said Lagman. 

Lagman can recall many beautiful memories with Angela.  

“She was always a happy person,” she said. “She would always go out of her way to make everyone feel better.” Lagman said that they even have matching tattoos with one of their mutual friends, Alex. “I’m really glad I have that to remember her.” 

Rehhorn was passionate about many things, her former roommate said. “She always wanted to get better at surfing. She would have really been good at that too.”  

Danielle Moore 

In this image: A profile picture of Danielle Moore.
Danielle Moore was also on her way to Nairobi, Kenya to be a delegate at the event. Photo from Moore’s Facebook profile

Danielle Moore had “a smile that would brighten any room,” reads a statement from Pinnguaq, a non-profit organization that Moore worked with. Moore had been an employee of Canada Learning Code, recently having worked in Nunavut teaching children about robotics, coding and VR. “The kids knew her, affectionately, as ‘the girl with the robots.’” 

Her friend, Izzy Jubinville, said Moore was born to be a teacher. “She was patient, smart and hard-working.” Moore had just been accepted to the Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa. “It’s what she was meant to do.” 

Moore graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography in 2017.  

During their studies at Dal, Moore and Jubinville went on a four-month trip to Costa Rica, working and backpacking. “One time when we were exploring this beach on Costa Rica, Danielle found these clay deposits on the beach and got all of us to cover ourselves from head to toe with this clay,” recalled Jubinville. “She was just so much fun.” 

Moore’s work with Canada Learning Code was recognized by the UN, according to a CBC interview with Moore’s research advisor Kim Davies.  She also worked with a variety of environmental and activist organizations in Canada, which earned her a place at the UN’s environmental conference.  

“I’ve never met anyone like her,” said Jubinville. “She was a tireless activist, so passionate about advocacy for the environment, Indigenous peoples, youth,” she said. “I just thought she could do it all.” 

A promising leader and a dedicated volunteer 

Both Moore and Rehhorn volunteered with the Canadian Sea Turtle Network.  

The organization expressed their condolences on their Facebook page. About Danielle Moore: “She was a promising young leader in the environmental world and we send our most sincere condolences to her loved ones.” About Angela Rehhorn: “Angela was a dedicated volunteer during our 2016 summer season and was an inspiring young conservation leader.” 

On April 20, Lagman is organizing the first annual beach clean-up in Point Pleasant Park, in honour of Rehhorn’s birthday.  


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