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DSU VP Student Life Candidate: Devin Gourley

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity


Name: Devin Gourley

Major, Year: Fourth year, BA Honours Philosophy


What position are you running for, and what responsibilites correspond with it?

I’m running for VP Student Life. This position is responsible for enhancing the general student experience on campus by organizing events (O week, DalFest, cultural events, wellness week, etc.) and other weekly programming. It’s also the VPSL’s job to make sure students are actually getting involved and increasing participation in these types of events.


Why are you running in this election?

I’m running in this election because, as a student, I’ve noticed ups and downs in campus event programming over my 4 years here. I want to make my own mark on the experience that our students are getting. Also, as a student, I don’t recall ever being polled or asked what I would actually like to see happen on campus, and I want to change that. I believe increasing the role of student opinion in event programming is key in raising attendance at events.


What are your goals if you are elected?

Diversify the types of events we book on campus, with slightly more emphasis on live music programming and local artists. Related to that, I’d also like to increase the number of low-key events on campus, such as movie nights and board game nights, to accommodate students of all interests.

It’s important to increase the role of student opinion in regards to the kinds of events that the DSU hosts. It’s also a priority to make off campus events MORE ACCESSIBLE to students with disabilities (by way of organizing specific transportation and polling those students to learn what they need in order to be involved).


What is something interesting about you?

My background is in live music and audio production! I have performed in bands for almost 10 years, worked as a booking agent for 3 years, so I’m excited to be involved.

If that’s not interesting enough, I pride myself on my ability to do tongue twisters. Feel free to challenge me.


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