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DSU VP Student Life Candidate: Victoria Wight

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity

Name: Tori Wight

Program and year: 5th year, double degree, B.A in International Developmental studies and Bachelor of Commerce in International Business.


Why are you running? What made you decide to run?

I am running on innovation, diversity and inclusion of ideas in the office of the VP Student Life. I have worked in the DSU for years on the Student Life Committee, Orientation Week Committee, TEDx exec as well as for the University with Dal Security, Tiger Patrol and in the Welcome Office as a campus tour guide.

I have been able to paint a well-rounded picture of student life on campus and how it can be improved. I decided to run because myself and those around me believe that there needs to be better execution and inclusion in DSU student life programming on an executive level.


What are your goals if elected?

If elected, I plan not only to push for new and more innovative ideas in the student life programming but to also implement the events and activities. I will do everything in my power to create the right environment on campus via community involvement, proper accessibility and safety.

I plan on opening the lines of communication by consulting with levied, faculty and constituent societies to be able to create events that all students want, but also to support Dalhousie societies and communities to maximize their own student life goals. I will do this on all 4 major Dalhousie campuses by consulting the societies and groups from each campus and hiring commissioners that represent them to implement that programming. This will build a stronger Dalhousie community by building ties between students across all campuses.

I want to be accessible to all students as VP Student Life, but more importantly as a DSU executive, to be able to voice their opinions, their desires and concerns with all student life events and to make all events accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

Lastly, I would like to ensure that our campus is safe. This will be built with partnerships with Dal security, DMCRT, the survivor’s support centre, south house and necessary community groups to ensure that students are physically and mentally safe on campus, including safe spaces, closed spaces and support that students require to have the best experience at Dalhousie.


What is something interesting about you that the student body might be interested to know?

I love TED talks. It started when I younger and blossomed into me being an executive on the TEDxDalhousieU conference. We have so much to learn about ourselves and each other. We have so much potential and I want to help students to get the most out of their student life no matter that might look like.


What are the responsibilities of the Vice President of Student Life?

The role of the Vice-President Student Life is to support students to be able to be themselves in all aspects of student life. School is hard, life is difficult but there is so much to enjoy in this world, especially in our community.

The VPSL is responsible for adding a silver lining on a cloudy day and making all of the other days brighter.

The VPSL is responsible for starting a student’s journey off on the right note at the beginning of the school year with Orientation Week and Dalfest and carrying on that positive energy throughout the year with events and programming that are fun, inclusive and safe for all students on campus.

The VPSL is there help students through exams with health & wellness programming. The VPSL supports students to live, grow and get the most out of their Dalhousie experience. Whether that is live music, mental health support, sporting events, study breaks and simply enjoying Dalhousie Life in the way that they want to.


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