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Q: Who would you rather: Zach Morris or Zac Efron?
A: I love Zach Morris, but I think Zac Efron is hotter, so Efron.

Q: Could you take Miley Cyrus in a steel cage match?
A: For sure. She’s young and probably not as strong.

Q: What is the sluttiest Halloween costume you have ever seen?
A: I went to the Dome on Halloween once, and there was a guy dressed as a penis.

Q: You had the privilege of going to Croatia this summer. I hear that they have nude beaches there. See any old man balls?
A: So many I lost count.

Q: Which member of New Kids On The Block would you least like to see in a whip cream bikini?
A: Jordan.

Q: Some of the girls on your team play the position of hooker. Which bar star on the squad lives up to that title?
A: Ryan a.k.a. “Pooey” is the biggest bar star of the guys and girls rugby teams.

Q: Would you break up with your boyfriend if his nightlight was a fully functional donair spit?
A: Well, I wouldn’t be sleeping over as often.

Q: Would you get back together with him if he also had a blue slushie machine?
A: That would definitely bring me back!

Q: Can you name the truck that’s four lanes wide, it smells like steak and seats 35?
A: I believe that would be the Canyonaro, 65 tons of American Pride.

Q: If you were the father in the film Honey I Shrunk the Kids and you were starving, would you eat that bowl of cereal knowing that your shrunken children are in it?
A: It depends on the type of cereal.


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