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The guys behind the ‘stache

Men’s hockey grow moustaches for calendar

Arfa Ayub, Staff Contributor


For forward Shea Kewin and veteran goalie Josh Disher, what started as a class project, has turned into team bonding experience.

“We are putting together this calendar to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer,” said Disher “We developed this Movember calendar. We are doing it as a part of the Dalhousie hockey varsity team here. What we did was, we got all the guys on the team to grow their moustaches for a month to help raise awareness.”

The calendars will feature photos of the players who grew their moustaches.

The class is called Entrepreneurship and Recreation. Disher and Kewin said that as soon as the project was assigned they had automatically chosen each other as partners.

Kewin came up with the idea one night at dinner.

“We were just talking about who is going to be growing their moustaches for the term Movember, which a lot of people are aware of, where guys grow their moustaches through November. We thought originally it would just be a good idea for our team to do something, we have a bunch of men on our team, and it’s the perfect setting,” he said. “Get some money together and have fun with a little venture project of our own. At the same time, we had this other class where we had to something, so we put two and two together, came up with a good idea and went through with it.”

The next step had been finding a printing company that would have been willing to print the calendar at a low cost. Kewin came up with the idea of a calendar a week before November. They made a lot of phone calls to try and get sponsors, but because of short notice they had trouble. Kewin and Disher eventually ended up putting their own money in to help pay for the printing costs.

Kewin said that the original idea had been to create a wall calendar, but it would have cost them $1200 to get 100 printed. Instead they chose a desktop calendar.

“Shea was the one that found the print company, said Disher.  “He went to a bunch of different print companies to see if we could get the best price for producing the calendar. Finally we picked one that we thought was in a good price range and something that we thought would be profitable, so we could give back to men’s prostate cancer,” said Disher.

Disher also said that it had been easy to get the team involved. Both players are majoring in management.

“Our idea was just to generate some laughter, get the team involved. It’s a little bit of a team building thing as well.” said Kewin “It promotes our hockey team and it promotes prostate cancer awareness for a good cause. It gives us the ability to work on a venture project ourselves, see what goes with the barriers that we run into and how to overcome them. In the end, it’s just a fun little thing to do and we hope we can use this as a building experience for next year.”

The calendars will be available for fans at all the men’s hockey home games. All proceeds will go towards prostate cancer research.


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