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Love, the universal language?

In this image: Close-up of holding hands.

“So, what’s your relationship status?”   Three international students sit in The Dalhousie Gazette office, looking at each other sheepishly. They’re here to discuss their relationship experiences.   International students come from many languages, countries and backgrounds. But these are only the tip of the cultural iceberg. Differences may go deeper, to beliefs, attitudes and values.  Renayre is from the U.S. and in her second year…

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The Great Firewall

王羿杰, Yijie Wang Chinese students at Dal mostly hang out with other Chinese. Some believe it’s inevitable to form a clique with exclusively Chinese. People feel more comfortable with those who are similar in language and background. This creates a distinct culture, which is seemingly detached from the rest of the campus. But this doesn’t…

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Charming and cheap

So, you’ve spent countless hours scouring ads on Kijiji, visited every half-decent flat in Halifax and have finally decided on the place you want to call home. What’s next? Next comes the dilemma of making it feel like home without further emptying your wallet. Making your place look great doesn’t have to be an expensive affair;…

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The year we broke Hal-Con

There had to be food somewhere. I was scanning the third floor of the World Trade and Convention Center, Hal-Con 2013’s central hub. Costumed attendees milled about all around me, stopping to oblige photo requests or discuss costumes with other cosplayers. People always heading somewhere. Maybe the lecture on My Little Pony and “brony” culture…

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Dal prof speaks at Hal-Con

Dalhousie English professor Jason Haslam addressed how the zombie is a symbol of the fear of the “other” at The Meaning of Monsters panel at this year’s Hal-Con. “[Monsters] are popular and address a lot of social and political issues throughout the period of the modern age,” said Haslam. He recruited Dal English professor Julia…

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Going nowhere and back

In 2012, Mark Black’s first bookNoMeansNo: Going Nowhere was released as a part of Invisible Publishing’s Bibliophonic music series. The non-fiction book is part chronicle of genre-defining  B.C punk band NoMeansNo, and part fan memoir of Black’s and his brother’s  teenage punk years in Cape Breton. Black is currently a student in Dalhousie’s Master of Library…

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Living alive

Formal private education is a marvel of modern society. The problem arises when we begin to think that the academic angle is the sole educational aspect of student life. Worse, we tend to think that social learning does not require the same rigorous thought as book-learning. This, to me, is incredibly silly. The more I…

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Heritage trust

Pat LePoidevin amidst his animal friends (press photo)

Singer/songwriter Pat LePoidevin grew up in small-town B.C., immersed in Canadian culture, never fully connecting with his paternally-inherited American citizenship. His latest album, American Fiction, enabled him to discover and learn about his other citizenship. LePoidevin and childhood friend Lewis Smith used Google Maps to choose each of the 10 song titles from small American…

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Mi’kmaq History Month events begin

October 1—Treaty Day—marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia. A month dedicated to Mi’kmaq origins and awareness, dozens of events are organized each year in order to promote public education about Mi’kmaq culture and heritage. The Mi’kmaq, a First Nations people, are indigenous to all of Canada‘s Maritime Provinces, as well as areas within Quebec, in what…

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Taking back the campus

Protesters made signs at the SUB before rallying to the march (photo by Chris Parent

“Hey hey. Ho ho. The patriarchy has got to go,” rang through the streets of Halifax as over a hundred participants marched to South House for Take Back the Campus. Take Back the Night is a march held around the world to challenge rape culture. This year, the DSU organized ‘Take Back the Campus,’ putting…

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