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DSU International Student Rep Candidate: Sara Goswami

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity Name: Sara Goswami Program and Year: 2nd year, Economics (Bachelor of Science)   Why are you running? What made you decide to run? For a lot of international students, their first day of orientation is more or less their first day in Canada.…

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Music in his soul and nothing in his pockets

There’s always a phenomenal amount of talent on display at Dalhousie Fountain School of Performing Arts; flutist Ogooluwa Emmanuel Sobukola stands out for both his fiery passion and his bravery. It might be easy for audiences to get carried away by the overflowing happiness of his performances, but the road to his dream career as…

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A Colourful Start

Out of all the ways to start a new school year, kicking things off by celebrating Rang Barse has got to be one of the best ones. Rang Barse, also known as the “Colour Festival,” is one of the largest festivals celebrated in Southeast Asia, usually in the spring. Essentially, it consists of throwing colour…

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