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Too many people

Photo by European Commission Joint Research Centre

The possibility of a seven billionth person raises a red flag On Oct. 31, the global population surpassed seven billion people (well, plus or minus 56 million people). The United Nations census estimates a one to two per cent margin of error in the calculation, which comes out to approximately 56 million people when you’re…

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Sports vs. suits

Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Staff Contributor I’m not exactly a sports fan and I haven’t been following the Canada Games: my idea of a good bit of entertainment is a comfy chair and an episode of Sex and The City. But even I can see that there are good reasons to spend public funds on a big…

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Send in the Centre

An unconventional take on the promise conventions could bring Adrian Lee, Opinions contributor   It’s unconventional wisdom—and it’s perhaps an unconventional way to make this argument—but the proposed convention centre is such a good maybe-bad idea, that Halifax needs to accept it. Halifax has been mired in an identity crisis for years.  It’s a city…

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Benefits of $500 million convention centre still unclear

Students say project will take away funding for education Laura Conrad, News Editor   Nova Scotians have been raising a lot of concern over the decision to build new convention centre in downtown Halifax. Now, students are getting involved: raising the question of whether or not the provincial government will wind up cutting funding from…

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Gottingen project moves forward despite lack of funding

By Laura Conrad, News Editor, and Samantha Durnford, Assistant News Editor   A combination of factors have made Gottingen Street on of the most feared neighborhoods in Halifax. Dalhousie architecture professor Grant Wanzel says the area has suffered from being a “dumping ground for public and social housing.” Cole Webber, a local resident, says “gentrification…

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Halifax hits puberty

Lisa Delaney, News Contributor    Around this time of year Halifax usually gets an upgrade, aesthetically speaking, and in the past year Halifax has received more than just a facelift. The expansion of Metro Transit’s service in Dartmouth – changing atmosphere of the downtown scene – and the makeover of the Halifax Farmers’ Market all signify…

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