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Let’s talk about sex and disability

When I was asked to write a piece for this issue I was thrilled, but also a little daunted. The topic of sexuality is so broad even if you “narrow it down” to sex and disability. Where the hell do I start? Then it hit me: it’s better to assume you don’t know anything. So…

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The changing nature of “accessibility”

The scope and meaning of “accommodations” for students has undergone a sweeping overhaul on university campuses. Nowhere is this more visible than at Dal. This trend is evident in the article ‘El Jones Advocates for Systemic Change at Universities.’ When I began taking classes in the 90s, Dalhousie had a full-time Advisor for Students With…

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DSU inaction

As the newly-appointed Equity and Accessibility Outreach Coordinator of the Dalhousie Student Union, Masuna Khan made her debut by writing an article in The Coast. This article clearly identifies Khan’s role as the new DSU Equity and Accessibility Coordinator and as such, anything she says reflects on the DSU. Her article relates her own experiences…

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