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PoSitics, Week 3: The Liberal Party of Canada

This week we arrive at the party that won the third most seats in the 2011 federal election: the Liberal Party of Canada. Of all the parties, the PoSitics treatment may be most necessary for the Liberals. The Conservative war machine has spent millions of dollars trying to trivialize Justin Trudeau – to convince us he’s…

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Society profile: the Dalhousie Young Liberals

  As election day draws closer, you’ll likely see the Dalhousie Young Liberals around campus. “We are a campus club associated with Young Liberals Canada and we are here to engage students about the political process and to fight for the Liberal cause,” says Adam Cheyne, society president. Cheyne is a third-year student studying political…

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The election comes to Halifax

  The candidates for the Halifax riding sparred onstage once again yesterday evening, this time turning their attention to youth and student issues. All five candidates were present to debate: Allan Bezanson of the Marxist-Leninist Party, Irvine Carvery of the Conservative Party, Andy Fillmore of the Liberal Party, Megan Leslie of the NDP and Thomas…

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