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Why aren’t you playing: Dark Souls II

Overcome death with courage and swords. (Press image)

It took me six hours to reach the first boss in Dark Souls 2. During those six hours, I had died dozens of times—including once 30 seconds into the game when a hoard of plague rats devoured me before I could even create my character. So, when I entered the boss chamber and watched as…

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Why aren’t you playing: Consortium

Welcome to the future. (Press image)

You may think me somewhat silly for opening a review like this, but I simply love Consortium’s options menu. You can select your video settings, but what’s more, click the setting itself and a little description of just what you are changing pops up. Don’t know what anti-aliasing is? That’s fine, the game explains it.…

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Why aren’t you playing: Octodad: Deadliest Catch

Octomom has nothing on this guy. (Press image)

It was during E3 2013 that I was first introduced to Octodad: Deadliest Catch. Watching the Playstation press conference via live stream, the flow of heavy and visceral games being announced was interrupted by a curious creation, Octodad. With the tagline “Loving father, secret octopus,” I had to know more. What followed was a video of…

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Why aren’t you playing: Nidhogg

Get in on the never-before-seen action. (Press image)

Mark Essen’s creations are more than games. They are art. Featured in galleries such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto, the New Museum in New York, as well as galleries in Brazil and Germany, Essen is an artistic maverick in the gaming world. He is a digital…

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