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How to pair food and wine

The richness of the Chardonnay and the richness of the lobster make this pairing a winner. (Jessica Emin photo)

A few weeks back I met my boyfriend for a late meal at a lovely Italian restaurant on the Halifax waterfront. It was late in the evening, we were starved and we got the last table for two in the place. I felt rushed and anxious, so I ordered a glass of Valpolicella without even…

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It isn’t rocket surgery

On Sept. 28, I had the pleasure of attending the afternoon NSLC Halifax Port of Wines Festival grand tasting. It featured the key elements of most wine festivals: men with red teeth, women with red teeth, scantily clad 20-something ladies, lots of velvet tablecloths, cheese for miles, suit jackets and shiny things. Most importantly, though,…

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Rec facilities have students in mind


 Beat freshmen 15 with yoga, cycling   New to Halifax? You’re not alone. While campus life is an amazing experience, some students seem to forget there are options available outside the university. If you’re interested in leaving your comfy dorm room, there are many opportunities for you to make new friends while exploring the city…

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