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Letter to editor: False facts used in article

Dear Editor, Mary MacDonald and Leah Aubrecht, in their article published March 11, titled ” Re: on the neglect of Palestinian suffering,” make a series of falsifications of history that must be corrected. They are disputing the statement made by Professor Amal Ghazal about the Palestinian people being the indigenous people of Palestine. The historic…

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Re: Peter Svidler’s “Students Against Israel”

Being as much an Israeli/Canadian as Svidler (except probably quite a bit older) forces me to respond to some of his more bizarre contentions about local Haligonians reactions to his pride and loyalty to Israel. Having been a loyal citizen, a full-fledged academic, as well as a soldier in several wars, I nevertheless found Svidler’s…

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Students against Israelis

Much of political discourse on campus takes place in a vacuum: local municipal issues notwithstanding, most discussions and conclusions have no real consequence on the average student. The “Israeli-Palestinian debate” is no different. Even the most vocal proponents and opponents of whichever side go to bed knowing they will wake up to a cold Haligonian…

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Letter to the editor

Let’s not pinkwash Israeli violations and our complicity in them We are writing in response to the letter published in the January 22 issue the Dal Gazette, [Re: Let’s make our union a more ethical one]. We couldn’t help but notice the assertion of Israel’s status as a democratic safe haven for queers – a…

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