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Why aren’t you playing: The Sex & Love Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for many of us that will mean spending a day doing nothing more than showering our special someone with affection. For many more of us, it will mean a bucket of rocky road ice cream to mask the Garfield-level bitterness flowing through our veins. For those lacking in lust or love…

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Why Aren’t You Playing: Dustforce

I am a cleaning ninja. Running full tilt, I launch off a ledge, over a pit, flip through the air and with a slash of my broom I brush through a woodland creature controlled by the dust that clings to it; with the momentum of the slash, I just barely gain enough speed to fly…

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Buy this game: for glorious nation of Arstotzka!

Papers Please title screen

In the Orwellian indie game Papers, Please (for PC and Mac) you play as a border agent tasked with rooting out terrorists, smugglers, and delinquents. Dark, cold, and at times decidedly morbid, Papers, Please is an experiment in morality disguised as a Cold War paperwork simulator. Presented in retro pixel-art style, the game brilliantly constructs…

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