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Canadians’ understanding of consent has dropped

The results of a recent survey from the Canadian Women’s Foundation suggest most Canadians don’t fully understand consent.  The survey presented people with various scenarios, asking if they were consensual, “just so that we knew whether Canadians understood the situations under which people can and cannot give consent,” said Anu Dugal. She’s the director of community initiatives and…

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The shunning of Matt Damon 

Matt Damon has come under fire by most of the feminist community for comments he made in an interview on ABC News in December when he stated that sexual assault is on a “spectrum.” That, “there’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape.”    There seems to be some confusion about why the feminist community has shunned Damon in his apparently well-intentioned support…

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Me… Too?

Typing five letters. Who knew it could be so hard?   Women everywhere flooded social media with statuses and posts saying “Me too” or using the hashtag, #metoo last week. The movement began when allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced; made to show the volume of sexual harassment and assault. It’s meant to help people speak out about their experiences without feeling ashamed.  It’s…

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