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The rise and fall of Flappy Bird

A modern-day Icarus for the smartphone set. (Illustration by Amber Solberg)

We live in a post-Flappy Bird world. As Angry Birds changed mobile gaming forever, so too did Flappy Bird. Made by one man, Nguyen Ha Dong of Vietnam, in a three-day period, the little game that rocked the world took everyone by surprise. Tap the screen to make your bird flap its wings, and keep it…

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Why aren’t you playing: Pokemon X/Y

Chances are, if you grew up playing video games, or even had a Gameboy, you’ve played a Pokemon game. Maybe you were around when the first generation hit shelves back in ’98, or maybe you rocked Pokemon Snap on the N64. No matter what brought you into the fold, it’s likely you fell in love.…

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