Angela Hou

Watch out for the future "Charter-wielding princess who strikes down oppressive laws"

Hometown: I consider both Taipei, Taiwan and Vancouver, BC as my hometown(s)

Major: 4th year Combined Honours in IDS and Political Science

Proudest achievement: Last year I took 5 classes both semesters while President of the Dalhousie Arts & Social Sciences Society (DASSS). I’m proud of the fact that neither my GPA nor the society crashed and burned horribly; in fact, I think they both went as well as they could have!

Next big thing she wants to achieve: I can’t wait to go to law school and become a lawyer and, in the words of Megan Leslie, be a “Charter-wielding princess who strikes down oppressive laws.”

Favourite pizza flavour: The Manhattan from Freeman’s. So many veggies!

From a friend: “I’m nominating Angela because she is incredibly resilient and motivated. She is a first generation immigrant who is in the process of completing her BA with honours. Last year she managed to balance full course load with being president of DASSS, and still found the time to engage in discussions of intersectionality and feminism campus-wide. This year she is serving as equity advisor on the executive of the International Development Education and Awareness Society. This position is new for Dalhousie, and her responsibility will be to advise the department on issues of equality and engage students with issues of gender and race. Beyond her achievements at Dal, she is an all-around intelligent and caring person.” –Michelle Brazzoni

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