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Jasveen Brar

Hometown: Medicine Hat, AB

Major: 4th year Biology with a minor in Environment, Sustainability and Society

Proudest achievement: Can I say two?

  1. Winning a gold medal at the Canada World Science Fair when I was in grade 11 for a project about parasites (specifically giardia and crypto). I worked every day after I didn’t place in the Science Fair when I was in grade 10 – the hard work really paid off! It was from this win that I received a scholarship to go to Dal.
  2. In January, my home province named me a Top 30 Under 30.

Next big thing she wants to achieve: Planning a conference for January in sustainability called Our Poles, Our Planet. This year it’s a national expansion, inviting high school students from across the country to learn about both the North and South Poles and then asking them to take concrete actions to improve the conditions in the Poles.

Favourite pizza flavour: Onions, pineapples and peppers.

From a friend: “Jasveen and I met first year in our Chemistry Lab and bonded (haha) immediately. Since I’ve known her, she’s been doing some pretty amazing and inspiring things.  There are so many things that she is involved and passionate about, for example she is passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), youth outreach and the environment.

“She is currently the Director of the Halifax Sci-Tech expo, and has been a delegate for Team Halifax two times, where she mentors and travels with the youth to the National Fair. She has also done some work on the national scale for science fair, this past year she worked for Youth Science Canada, where she promoted science fair and STEM to students across Canada through a webinar series.

“This past year she was also selected as a Top 30 under 30 in her province, Alberta, for her environmental work. Jasveen has conducted climate change research at both poles, she went to Antarctica in 2014 and recently came back from the Arctic. In March, she is also planning a very exciting event, a national conference called ‘Our Poles, Our Planet’ where she will be reaching out to youth in the HRM about the importance of the poles, and focusing on  youth action. This summer Jasveen was also selected to represent Canada at Merit360, a program that selects 360 people from around the world to work on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, she worked on Goal 13: Climate Action, where her team’s project was also presented at the UN.

“Jasveen’s list of accomplishments go on and on, she is really changing the world, but what I really admire about Jasveen is her passion, enthusiasm and dedication for work.” –Kate Bowker

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Sabina Wex
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