Sharestha Drall

Her biggest dream is to open up free or low-profit health clinics in countries like India or Pakistan

Hometown: My deepest darkest secret is that I was born in Michigan. However, I moved when I was four and went down to NY. I would say that I had the pleasure of having two hometowns. The one I spent the most time in is a city called Yonkers which is in NY and, despite what everyone back home thinks, it’s right outside Manhattan (20 minutes away really) and about 10 minutes away from the Bronx. It was a lovely and supremely diverse community. My other hometown was one I would visit every year or other year for a few months and that would be the little village of Tikri Kalan in New Delhi, India. All of my family lives there and I would spend my days learning Hindi as well as Indian culture from them.

Major: Double major in neuroscience and classics (hoping to do a combined honours), third year.

Proudest achievement to date: Escaping my house. I’ve met some amazing people and have had many wonderful experiences since I’ve pulled off that escapade.

Next big thing she wants to achieve: My life goal is to become a doctor. Specifically, I wish to become a neuro or trauma surgeon and work in a non-profit like Doctors Without Borders. Or I would like to work for the US military (I’m a US citizen if that wasn’t clear) as a medic so I can help people in war-torn or impoverished areas. I guess my biggest dream, however, is to open up free or low-profit health clinics in countries like India or Pakistan to provide for sick people who can’t afford treatment for simple or complex illnesses. A dollar or two in Canada could provide cough medicine and some food to people there. It’s my dream that I aspire to everyday.

Favourite pizza flavour: I’m from New York so I’m tremendously picky about pizza. It’s one of the first things I start missing whenever I come here. I love margherita pizza or anything with explosive tomato flavors. I also like mushrooms on my pizza. But really, the best pizza is simplicity based in my opinion. Anything with worthwhile ingredients and a loving hand is really the best.

From a friend: “She is pursuing a double major in neuroscience and classics and is one of the hardest working people I know. Her life is never one that can be considered easy, but regardless of that she is always trying to spread laughter and joy.” -Robert Lee

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