Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Fashion Spring Fling

Leave minimalism behind this spring

Florals for spring—groundbreaking

But if what you have in mind is wearing an outfit

That will leave people shook or quaking?

Well, for spring 2024 let your outfits have a lil more grit

Leather and garments are going to stand out

Let your white summer dress take a roundabout.

They’ve got to keep up with you

Beat the gust of coastal winds with a trench

As you paint the town icy in every shade of blue

Rep your fave sports jersey, don’t feel like a player on the bench.

Mixing and matching pieces that are juxtaposed

No more minimalism that will make people doze

The new boardroom aesthetic makes its impact

But wearing your confidence like an accessory

As you move from working to serving

You can look fly, be it a meeting at nine or cocktails at three.

DIY those old denims so in your pockets a hole won’t be burning

Sheer will not only make you look chic but fashion points you’ll be earning

Pop goes the collar, spring is bringing preppy back

Incorporating coloured liquid latex in belts or jackets

And with an outfit like that, paparazzi you shall attract

With fun jewelry in the shape of smiles to rackets

Have fun with your clothes, remember to make this a spring to remember

You are a citizen of fashion—ensure you are an active member!


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