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Fashion trend predictions for the new year

What trends will take over in 2024?

Fashion trends have officially gone back to the 2010s, and I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, the 2010s were an era of trend setting, and the maximalist in me is thriving. But the “refined fashion” version of me that I have been curating over the last year is throwing air punches.

Fashion is subjective, but I’ve put together a list of six trend recommendations for this year that are easy to adopt into your on-campus wardrobe, and will have heads turning!

1. Red 

To draw on Taylor Swift, loving fashion is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street, and this year, every light is red … but we’re not mad about it. 

Red picked up momentum all through the latter half of 2023 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2024. Whether it be deep red, cola red, cherry or bright red, it has covered the shelves of H&M and the websites of Dolls Kill, ASOS and Boohoo.

Adding a pop of colour to your outfit has never been easier. Think shoes, a bag, belt or scarf, or even sunglasses, a red lip or red bows. If you want to commit, then a thrifted red leather jacket, a button down or a chunky sweater is bound to intrigue.

2. Moto

Haven’t heard of a moto jacket? Think of the jacket you’d see on a biker or a dirt bike racer.

If you haven’t been to the thrift store recently, then consider this your sign to plan a visit soon before all the moto jackets are scooped up. This is a trend that is easy to wear, practical and can be dressed up or dressed down as needed. 

The more worn, the more trendy: go for the ones that have more wear and tear, or jackets with patches and colour blocking panels.

3. Skinny jeans

Maybe, just maybe, the next time you go home it is time to revisit your old wardrobe and bring out a few pairs of skinny jeans that have been tucked far back in the corner. The skinny jeans trend is creeping its way back in.

A great place to shop is Old Navy, your own closet or the thrift store. These can be styled with boots or with sandals that both accentuate your footwear and elongate you.

5. Blokecore

You can either thank Taylor Swift or thank Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce for ensuring that this trend came back in 2023! Styling a sports jersey or sportswear as a casual everyday outfit is not just trendy but also extremely comfortable—these clothes are made to be worn over long periods. 

These are imperative for both a day in school and on the go post-classes! You could raid your dad’s, brother’s or partner’s wardrobe to find sportswear or just head to your nearest thrift store. If you want to buy a piece in mint condition, then you could also hit up SportChek.

6. Bomber jackets

The 2016 version of bomber jackets are out, but the boxy blazer-esque ones are in! Thrift it before shopping at Zara or try shopping Nöl Collective, a Palestine-based brand. Their pieces are exquisite! 

Olive green and jewel tones not only make for an easy integration into your wardrobe, but they are versatile pieces that can go from class to club!

6. Aquatics 

Wetting the boundary of what is swim fashion and what is fashion you can wear day-to-day, liquid fashion is in! Latex, liquid latex and dry clothes that are treated to look wet are all the rage. If that is not in your realm of comfort for class but you’d still like to participate, then opt for ruffles and swirly lettuce hems. Shop this trend from Pretty Little Thing or Temu, for pocket friendly versions.

Fashion can help shape how you present yourself, and making conscious fashion choices is what is key. Instead of over consuming and trying every single trend at one time, pace yourself out and treat yourself to a trend at a time. Maybe even swap pieces with your friends, so you can try out different trends without having to commit to a piece.

In 2024 we are not afraid of committing. We are making conscious commitments!


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