The Gazette is a student-run publication that relies on the hard work of its staff and volunteer contributors to exist. Each spring, a hiring committee is formed to democratically select the most skilled applicant for the editorial positions. Assistant editors are hired by their section editor. Contributors can write any time on any subject: feel free to drop us a line or an article.


Eleanor Davidson, Editor-in-chief

Eleanor was lured into a student newspaper meeting in October 2013 by the promise of free pizza. The pizza became less exciting over time, but the Gazette did not. After a year as a contributor, she worked as News Editor for two years. Upon realizing that sleep is an overrated commodity, she became Editor-in-chief in April 2016.

Eleanor is in her final year of the journalism program at the University of King’s college, and is minoring in French and Spanish. Her interests include eating copious amounts of food, visiting exotic locales and sipping the occasional gin and tonic. Her life plans include becoming a crazy cat lady in the not-too-distant-future.

Eleanor’s work has been published in Maclean’s, This Magazine and The Signal.


Sabina Wex, Engagement Manager

Sabina Wex runs the Gazette’s website and its content, as well as its social media channels. She has worked on the Dalhousie Gazette for the past four years: first as a writer, then Assistant News Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-chief, and now the Engagement Manager. She hopes to live in a hotel one day.


Patrick Fulgencio, Visual Editor

Patrick Fulgencio was born in the Philippines, raised in Singapore, and has been living in Nova Scotia since 2010. He is in his final year of the journalism program at the University of King’s College, taking a keen interest in social media, multimedia journalism, and telling stories through up-and- coming platforms.

Patrick got his start in photography when he was recruited for the World Curling Federation’s SportsMedia Trainee Program in 2015. Having never photographed sports before, he hastily created his portfolio in the span of three weeks shooting University hockey games. Out of 86 Global applicants, his portfolio came out on top.

His achievement flew him to Tallinn, Estonia to photograph the 2015 World Junior Curling
Championships – only to come back the following month to photograph the 2015 Ford World Men’s Curling Championship. His photographs have since appeared on many online and print publications around the world.

Outside of photojournalism, Patrick loves to shoot portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photography. Most of his recent work can be found on his website and Instagram page. He has spent a huge fraction of his time in Halifax, giving friends and strangers content to use for social media. He does so for two reasons: he likes making connections, and he likes making his connections look good.

His other interests include playing rugby, video games, cycling, men’s style, music, and film theory.


Erin Brown, News Editor

Erin is a King’s College Political Science and Journalism student and has been writing for the Gazette since October 2015. As the News Editor, Erin can often be found hunched behind her laptop scanning Twitter for stories, sifting through press releases, and editing articles from our wonderful contributors. Using her academic experience from Online Journalism, she enjoys incorporating her experience of using technology in journalism to make the Gazette more accessible to students through social media.

When she’s not working or studying, Erin enjoys reading up on her personal interests in politics and foreign affairs. With previous volunteer experience in NGOs, she enjoys keeping up to date on current affairs and people’s takes on them by reading editorials from some of her favourite writers.

As a native Dartmouthian, most of Erin favourite things come from her hometown. Getting specialty lattes from Two if By Sea, eating chipotle veggie burgers from Mic Mac Tavern, and ice cream trips to Funky Munky are amongst her Top 10 Best Things to do in the City.


Kaila Jefferd-Moore, Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Kaila once quoted Nietzsche in a grade 10 essay and received an A. She spends most of her time thinking about food and where she put her phone, left shoe, or how she locked herself out of her car for the fifth time in one week. The rest of the time, she’s an overly caffeinated second-year journalism student at the University of King’s College who sometimes writes stuff. Kaila has been published in her hometown paper that no one has heard of.


Jennifer Lee, Opinions Editor


My name is Jennifer Lee, I’m a fourth year journalism student at Kings and I am here to share my opinions with you this year. Through the course of the year I plan to cover a wide range of issues that affect almost all of the students on campus. Seriously, I want to hear it all. I want to talk about feminist issues, LGBTQ rights, mental health (let’s end the stigma), political matters and come November we can all talk about Canada’s role in the global Hunger Games that will ensue after Trump becomes president.

So, what makes me qualified for this job? I have no goddamn idea. I’m just a vaguely
witty lass from rural Nova Scotia who currently lives with a cute guy and an even cuter dog. I procrastinate a lot and I’m terrified to graduate so I guess I’m an average student, just faking it until I make it.
In all seriousness though, I’m so excited to be a part of the Gazette team this year. I know that Dalhousie has an amazing community and I’m so honored to facilitate this section and publish all of the diverse and insightful opinions of the student body at Dal.


Alex Rose, Sports Editor

Alex Rose is the sports editor for the Dalhousie Gazette. He ran the intramural sports at King’s the past two years and grew to love sports journalism through the sports and pop-culture website Grantland. He finds every sport entertaining, from hockey to hopscotch, but basketball is his favourite to play, watch, and write about.