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Dalhousie Gazette Podcast: Social Media

Selfies are hard - and so is the image we cultivate all across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and the blogosphere

Dalhousie Gazette Podcast: Social Mediaphoto by : Patrick Fulgencio
Picture perfect pumpkins appear on social media since Fall began, but we all know that pumpkins are never that nice.
written by Jennifer Lee, Maddie Johnson, Luke MacDonald and Sabina Wex
November 23, 2016 8:14 pm

Social media: love it, hate it, but it’s there. We talk to blogger and King’s student Rowan Morrissy about the picture-perfect image bloggers aim to achieve online and on Instagram. We also asked social media skeptic Sohraub Pazuki why he isn’t a fan of social media. SMU Sociology and Criminology professor Dr. Michelle Byers explains the effect social media has on us.

Just to be ironic, you should share this on all your social media account.

Host: Jennifer Lee
Edits: Jennifer Lee
Producers: Maddie Johnson, Luke MacDonald and Sabina Wex

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