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Welcome to, the online home of the Dalhousie Gazette, the student-run newspaper of Dalhousie University and the oldest campus newspaper in Canada.

The Gazette is an autonomous student newspaper covering events both on the Dalhousie campus and around Halifax. In the 2014-15 publishing year, we covered such varied stories as controversy surrounding student advocacy, incidents of misogyny in the faculty of dentistry, student action towards divestment from fossil fuels, transgender issues, Hal-Con and Atlantic University Sport championships.

We publish news, opinions, arts and culture coverage, sports reporting, poetry, comics and fiction both online and in print.

Our staff are dedicated to mentoring and training aspiring writers and journalists while giving people a space to describe and reflect on their own campus. We publish strong writing, passionate writing and important writing within the limits of journalistic integrity and ethics.

The Dalhousie Gazette is distributed to over 80 locations around Halifax every Friday morning. We hold weekly contributors meetings every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. While our office is currently under renovations, please subscribe to our mailing list for more information on where these meetings are held.

We welcome feedback from our readers on any part of the newspaper and website. Please use the comment form below for letters or comments and clearly indicate whether or not you wish any comments to be published. The Gazette reserves the right to edit any and all published comments and letters for decency in accordance with our ethics code and principles of journalistic integrity.

The Gazette is a student-run publication and C-level society of the Dalhousie Student Union. From time to time, we hold general meetings for input from the student body. We publish advertisements for these meetings at least two weeks in advance in our newspaper. Any comments, concerns or questions about the publication as a whole and how you can be involved may be directed to the editor-in-chief at You may also email the chair of our Publishing Board at


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