The Gazette is a student-run publication that relies on the hard work of its staff and contributors to exist. Each spring, a hiring committee is formed to democratically select the most skilled applicant for the editorial positions. Assistant editors may be hired by their section editor. Interns may be hired at the beginning of the winter semester. Contributors can write any time on any subject: feel free to drop us a line at

Meet Our Staff

Lane Harrison


Born and raised in Toronto, Lane Harrison couldn’t wait to write for the Dalhousie Gazette when he arrived in Halifax to pursue a journalism degree at the University of King’s College. After working as a news intern during his first year, Lane became an avid contributor to the Gazette’s news section before moving into the editor position. He became the Editor-in-chief after a year as News Editor.
Now in his final year at King’s, Lane is concerned for the future. His interests include the Beatles, tweed and the unparalleled cinema of Micheal Mann.


Allyson Hamilton

Business Manager & Administrative Assistant

Allyson is a third-year bachelor of commerce student, intending to major in finance with a minor in political science. She has experience in the public sphere from her work with a municipal data company and has an interest in domestic affairs. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, she moved to Halifax to in 2019 and has been back and forth throughout COVID-19. She spent the pandemic spending time with her family and taking additional courses.


In this image: Alex Fox.

Alexandra Fox

Page Designer

Alexandra Fox is a master’s student in occupational therapy at Dalhousie University. With an MA in interdisciplinary studies from York University and an undergraduate degree in communications from Ryerson University, she has been working as a freelance graphic designer, videographer and photographer since 2012.

Alexandra has worked for the Dalhousie Gazette since fall 2018. Her work can be found at


Morgane Evans

Online and Visual Editor

Raised 30 minutes outside of the White House in Bethesda, Maryland, Morgane is a third-year international development student at Dalhousie University who grew up visiting family in Nova Scotia. She joined the Gazette in 2020 as a contributor. Morgane spent her childhood writing stories at Writopia Lab DC. She is an ex-teen journalist, who aims to write about everything she can while also creating digital art. In her free time, Morgane confuses people by explaining that although she is a dual citizen, she is not Canadian. In fact, she is a citizen of the US and the UK.


Adam Inniss

News Editor

A fourth-year journalism student at The University of King’s College, Adam Inniss appreciates good reporting. As News editor, Adam will do his best bringing high quality campus news to the Gazette’s readers. He values campus politics, events, culture, and safety.

When not writing for the Gazette, Adam writes reviews for Dominionated Canadian music blog. When not writing at all, Adam is bored.


Amanda King

Opinions Editor

Mandy is a third-year English and creative writing student at Dalhousie University. Born in Newfoundland, Mandy has lived all over Canada with her military family. Now grown, she resides in Nova Scotia with her husband, children, and an over excitable Golden Doodle named Ripley.

Having a mild obsession with Harry Potter and horror movies, Mandy was sure she would pursue a life of fiction writing (or wizardry). She was shocked to fall in love with journalism and thrilled to be joining the team as editor of the Opinions section this year.


In this image: Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster

Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Elizabeth Foster is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of King’s College.

Growing up in Maine, she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in writing, but it wasn’t until her first year at university that she discovered her passion for journalism. She is excited to continue her work as the Arts & Lifestyle editor for a second year.

When she’s not doing journalism assignments, Elizabeth can be found at one of Halifax’s many used bookstores, coffee shops or beaches.


Luke Dyment

Sports editor

Luke’s interest and involvement (and lack of talent) in sports led him to write about them, a lot. He’s done this, without regret, to the point of driving his high school English teachers crazy. He aims to do the same with you.

The University of King’s College journalism student started writing for the Dalhousie Gazette in 2019 before taking on his current role as Sports editor in 2020. Besides watching continuous reruns of games during quarantine, Luke spends his downtime listening to music turned up too loud and farming when he’s home in Prince Edward Island.


Carleigh MacKenzie


Originally from Cape Breton Island, Carleigh MacKenzie knew Halifax was the place for her to sharpen her creative writing and fact-finding talents. She is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of King’s College with a minor in Dalhousie’s law, justice and society program. Carleigh doubles as the external vice-president of Dal Writes Creative Writing Society and spends the rest of her time making latte art and working in the telecommunications industry. Her creative and analytical skill set lends a unique perspective to journalistic writing.
A language nerd who enjoys dissecting literature from across the world, being the Gazette’s copy editor just makes sense.