The Dalhousie Gazette runs an Internship Program each fall and winter semester: September to November and January to march. Each intern is assigned to a section of The Dalhousie Gazette (News, Arts & Lifestyle, Sports, and Opinions) to work with that section’s editor and the opportunity to publish photos, art or writing to each issue of the Gazette. 

Interns will receive regular training from Gazette editors and journalism industry professionals; there are opportunities to work on investigative pieces with editors, submit photos or art, interviewing and transcribing, etc. The internship program is experience for students interested in learning more about journalism.

If you’re interested in the internship, fill out the application below.


Deadline to apply is September 14 by midnight.

Successful applicants will hear back promptly and the internship program begins the following Monday.

You can expect to meet with section editor once a week for one hour in the Gazette office.


No experience in journalism is necessary to apply.

All Dalhousie and King’s undergraduate students studying any subject are eligible to apply for the internship.

If you’re a club executive or work with the University Students’ Council or affiliate councils, please email to confirm your eligibility for the program.


Drop by the Gazette‘s office on the 3rd floor of the SUB or email

Fall Internship Application