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The Library Problem

By Samantha Elmsley, Opinions Editor • March 14, 2014

The Library Problem

And why the DSU should fix it
I felt really uncomfortable when I read the proposed budget cuts to the library acquisitions budget for the …

Tuition hike recommended for all Dalhousie students

By Kristie Smith, News Editor • February 27, 2014

Tuition hike recommended for all Dalhousie students

Dentistry may see 39% tuition rise over four years; medicine hiked 20%
If you checked your Dalhousie email yesterday, you know: budget time is upon …

Low condom usage rates at Dalhousie ‘terrifying’

By Sabina Wex, Assistant News Editor • February 14, 2014


Safe sex complex, say survey subjects: only half of Dal students use condoms
Adele had never bought condoms before. Whenever she had sex, the guy …

Campus’ most elegant edifice

By Josh Fraser, Opinions Contributor • February 7, 2014

The perfect place for introverts to be alone, together. (Photo by Josh Fraser)

King’s library takes the title
I feel as though I am divulging secrets, letting a curious cat out of the bag when I talk about …

Are we all in this together?

By Jackson Haime, Opinions Contributor • January 31, 2014

Will these bleachers be filled the next time around? (Photo by Kit Moran)

Probing low turnout at Dal varsity games
When was the last time you were at a Dalhousie sporting event? When was the last time you …

School on full speed: A product of pressure

By Rosalie Fralick, Opinions Contributor • January 31, 2014

School on full speed: A product of pressure

Students nationwide are feeling the pressures of getting the best grades, applying for the biggest scholarships and getting the top jobs in their fields. …

Letters to the Editor: Partnership between Dal and Israeli university encouraging

By Tamar Ellis, Letter writer • January 30, 2014

Richard Florizone with Rivka Carmi, president of Ben-Gurion University. (Press photo via Dal)

Trip to Israel strengthens Dalhousie’s academic freedom
Dear editor,
As an Israeli citizen and a proud Dal student, I am very pleased to see the continued …

An unwelcome move

By Amer Hussein Opinions Contributor • January 30, 2014


Student speaks out over Dal’s commitment to Israeli university
On Jan. 21, 2014, Dalhousie president Richard Florizone accompanied Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his first …

Undergraduate research

By Janice Allen, Opinions Contributor • January 24, 2014

Researching, writing and presenting professionally prepares undergrads for the realities of most master's programs. (Photo by Dale Prince via Flickr)

A glance at the nature of grad school
The role of undergraduate research has been debated recently, including in the Gazette. Presenting at conferences or …

News Briefs

By Dalhousie Gazette Staff • January 17, 2014

Dalhousie is fighting the flu—on a bigger scale. (via StockPhoto)

Dal announces new partnership to tackle the flu
by Nicolas Haddad, news contributor
As new strains of influenza appear across the globe, Dalhousie is staying ahead …