In defence of offense

February 10, 2011

Is this offensive? Sometimes, we grate each other’s sensibilities for a reason Katie Toth, Opinions Editor   Many of us are told, day in and day out, that offending people is bad. At the same time, many people who describe themselves… Continue Reading

DSU President unsure Day of Action will bring big change

January 30, 2011

Chris Saulnier hopes the protest will at least open communication between government and students Nicole Feriancek, News Contributor   With the Student Day of Action approaching, Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) President Chris Saulnier is unsure the march will make the… Continue Reading

Student Day of Action will demand government response

January 30, 2011

In a response to the O’Neill report, students march Feb. 2 Leilani Graham-Laidlaw and Olivia Schneider, Staff Contributors   On Feb. 2 students are taking to the streets for a day of action to advocate for a freeze or reduction… Continue Reading

MP Megan Leslie says student movements work

January 30, 2011

Leslie says she wishes she could be here Feb. 2 Samantha Durnford, News Editor   Dalhousie Gazette: How do you feel about the Student Day of Action? Megan Leslie: Oh, I think it’s great! Im very sad I won’t be… Continue Reading

O’Neill takes the heat

December 07, 2010

Samantha Durnford, News Editor Tim O’Neill finally faced the fire. In a discussion with students last week, O’Neill explained the recommendations in his report about post-secondary education in the province. Students asked him questions, made statements, argued with him, walked… Continue Reading

Dexter government continues to hire Tim O’Neill

December 06, 2010

Mark Coffin, Staff Contributor “Students need to be invited to the table during the negotiation of the next university funding agreement.” This is the message the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations (ANSSA) has been sharing with every MLA, minister… Continue Reading

Big grants, small potatoes

November 05, 2010

By Katie Toth, Opinions Editor   On Oct. 25, the Resource Recovery Fund Board, an arms-length provincial crown corporation, announced the RRFB Student Grant Program. This grant finances student projects that research and develop ways to identify “new opportunities for… Continue Reading

ANSSA launches website in response to tuition freeze

November 01, 2010

By Meriha Beaton, News Contributor   The Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations (ANSSA) has created a new website, TappedOut.ca, to help students get their voices heard by the government. ANSSA thinks a study by economist Tim O’Neill released one… Continue Reading

O’Neillian future

October 01, 2010

By Mark Coffin, Opinions Contributor   Can’t afford school? Don’t worry about it. Anxious about your debt after graduation? Just keep spending. Not sure if you’ll be employable when you graduate? Relax, young scholar. Economist Tim O’Neill has a plan: higher… Continue Reading

Tuition myths déjà vu

September 24, 2010

By Gabe Hoogers, Opinions Contributor   Last Friday, after eight months of anticipation and $95,000 of government funding, former Bank of Montreal economist Tim O’Neill released his Report on the Nova Scotia University System. The report, commissioned by the Nova… Continue Reading