10 reasons to have a 2010’s theme party

#millennials were so quaint

  1. They all dressed like people from the 20th century, so you can have two anachronistic parties in one
  2. Who doesn’t love vintage iphone 6’s? Use them as super cute plates for your appetizers!
  3. You could even go for an Andriod if you’re feeling really retro
  4. They still had to use headphones back then, instead of having microchips implants. You just can’t get sound like that these days
  5. Frozen yogurt and real chocolate chip cookies, not just replicated ones, make for a luxurious snack
  6. Weren’t 2016 cars adorable?
  7. Try hosting a mini election as a fun party game! We all know how wild the 2016 presidential election got, after all
  8. You get an excuse to pull out your grandma’s old Itunes library! Justin Bieber is #realmusic
  9. Imagine how great the clunky old macbook airs will look as decorations. Turn on the screen for that awesome mood lighting
  10. Do you really need an excuse? Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the good old days when poverty, world hunger and wars were still present?


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  1. Henry on September 15, 2018 at 10:05 am

    This has to be a joke?

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