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This fall has brought along many good things. The changes in the colours of the leaves, pumpkin spice in drinks, but most importantly the best thing to come with this turn of season is the release of a new season of anime. Here are some impressions of the Vice President of the Dalhousie Anime Club, Dijay Savory, and a former treasurer, William Coney have of some of the first episodes of this season:


This classic 1972 comedic gag series, about identical sextuplet brothers, resumes again in 2015, 27 years after it last received an adaptation. This first episode is an introduction for those not familiar with the original series (most of this genre), and a parody of modern male idol anime.

Dijay’s Thoughts: Hilarious for the seasoned watcher, and references many recent tropes in anime very sharply.

Coney’s Thoughts: Very, very funny first episode, with countless shout outs to the Male Idol genre in specific but all of recent 2010’s anime as well. There is a lot worse that you could do in bringing back a showa era comedy, but if it will keep up the pace is a question.


The Hero, Saitama, defeats all opponents in one punch. This doesn’t provide much job satisfaction, surprisingly.

Dijay’s Thoughts: The Essential Shonen Anime (Young boy’s genre) – The MVP for this anime season, barring any sleeper hits.

Coney’s Thoughts: The first episode had amazing pacing and music, something way out of line for the norm of the genre. This should be a very fun, provided it maintains pace through the season.

Itoshi no Muco (Lovely Muco)

Muco, an Akita Dog, belongs to Komatsu, a glassblower. He gets into lovable antics, as is befitting for a dog.

Dijay’s Thoughts: Maximum cuteness efficiency per second.

Coney’s Thoughts: Akita dogs look like Shiba Inus, the dog of the DOGE meme. Enough said.

Concrete Revolution: Choujin Gensou (Concerete Revolution: Superhero Fantasy)

Under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there exists the “Superhuman Bureau.” They’re tasked with identifying, approaching, and safeguarding super humans – aliens, planar travellers, cyborgs, etc – and making sure society can continue. This is their story.

Dijay’s Thoughts: Some kind of combination of magical-girls and fighting-robots. It tried too hard to keep the viewers’ attention by throwing weird things at them, and the bright colours ended up bleeding into a bouquet of try-hard puke.

Coney’s Thoughts: Yes, I found this anime to be a bit of a pile. Stylistically it’s a mix of Samurai Flamenco (201X) and Gatchaman Crowds (2013), filled with fantasy and colour, but the narrative is absolutely incomprehensible, at least in this first episode.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider (Everything Became F: The Perfect Insider)

Souhei Saikawa and Moe Nishinosono, an associate professor and student at Nagano University, talk about relationships and the enigmatic Shiki Magata, a reclusive programming prodigy.

Dijay’s Thoughts: It’s hard to tell so far with how its obfuscating important information. The art and direction are reminiscent of Psycho-pass, but the pseudo-intellectuality of it could either bring it up or make it garbage.

Coney’s Thoughts: The slow pacing and very abstracted philosophy and relations remind of the first season of Bakemonogatari (2009) (before it became as blatantly fanservice-y) or some of the more introspective parts of Stein’s Gate. It might be good, but I won’t be able to stand for an entire season of material like this.

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