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Fashion through the ages of Dalhousie


When it comes to back-to-school outfit inspiration, there are resources everywhere: dozens of bloggers posting articles with stunning photography of minimalist book bags, Buzzfeed’s “11 Back-To-School Outfits That’ll Crush It On Social Media”, that one giant Sears billboard featuring Gigi Hadid in what looks like some sort of private school uniform from the early seasons of Gossip Girl…

If you’re like me, you have all of these images saved to a Pinterest board that makes it quite apparent how much of my time I’ve dedicated to bookmarking street style snapshots (a lot.)

Whether you take fashion cues from Gigi Hadid’s TMZ page or throw something together ten minutes before class, there’s no denying that students at Dal are a fashionable bunch – and we have the proof.

Here’s a dive into fashion throughout the years on Dal’s campus, featuring archived photos from old issues of The Dalhousie Gazette.






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