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From the archives  

Money Problems cited  Engineers cancel Stag and Stein  By Paul Clark  Originally published Mar. 6, 1980 in Volume 112, Issue 21 of the Dalhousie Gazette     The Engineering Society cancelled the Stag and Stein on Monday, the much protested SUB event which was to include a series of stripteasing performances.   The Engineering Society executive say they made the decision at the…

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ScanDALous sixties

A bitter feud articulated in the Dalhousie Gazette opinion’s section erupted between the classy-music and swing dancing Dalhousie University students, versus the rock n’ roll listening boot stompers. It was January 13, 1960: Dalhousie wasn’t immune to the cultural changes of the times. The Gazette editorial team was criticized for being too critical of Dal…

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Honour, sacrifice, and duty: Student life during WW1

In April of 1914, Editor-in-Chief W. McC. Nelson wrote a Letter from the editor that was optimistic about the future for Dalhousie University’s fine men – who had just won the Intercollegiate Debate. (Page 240, Volume 46, Issue 7) By August, Canada would join the war effort in Europe, sending hundreds of thousands of young…

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The DFA and collective bargaining

The recent breakdown in negotiations between the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) and the administration may remind members why they unionized in the first place. A recent report from the DFA says the present situation is similar to the one prior to April 1978 when members voted to unionize. In 1977 negotiating problems with the administration…

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Fashion through the ages of Dalhousie

AUTHOR SERENA JACKSON When it comes to back-to-school outfit inspiration, there are resources everywhere: dozens of bloggers posting articles with stunning photography of minimalist book bags, Buzzfeed’s “11 Back-To-School Outfits That’ll Crush It On Social Media”, that one giant Sears billboard featuring Gigi Hadid in what looks like some sort of private school uniform from…

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Future of Canadian libraries and archives discussed

Masters of Library Information Science (MLIS) student Alison Froese-Stoddard believes stories can keep community archives alive. She and others discussed related issues at the Royal Society of Canada’s (RSC) “The Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives” on Nov. 8. The talk featured a panel of experts but audience participation was encouraged for discussion,…

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