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A spoon full of Rich Aucoin

Good things can come from learning the recorder. Take Halifax’s very own Rich Aucoin.

“I was forced to play it in school, as I guess we’re all forced to do, and I really liked it.”

Fortunately though, not too much. The 26-year-old DJ and former Dalhousie student usually mixes up to 30 instruments in his average song, formulating that feel-good electro-pop sound, or “Beach Boys on crack.”

Aucoin’s got a thing for Brian Wilson. And it’s a good thing. After all, what could be more endorphin inspiring than vocals and melodies with Beach Boy greatness backed up by a raging dance beat? Maybe babies and unicorns, but I’d take Aucoin anyday. He’s downright dreamy.

And on Oct. 24, he’ll play The Pop Explosion (for the third time no less), opening for Girl Talk at St. Antonio’s. It’s something he’s really excited about for obvious reasons (he’s been a fan of the main act for quite a while).

Plus, “The bar is right down the street from my house,” he said. “Maybe I’ll have a little after party.”
If you’ve been to a Rich Aucoin show you know he can throw a party. His first album Personal Publication was written in sync to Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (not the Jim Carey one) and his live performances include moving cartoon backdrops and free falling balloons. Like a children’s birthday party with liquor. He admits though, that sometimes his exceptional performances can backfire.
On one of his four cross-Canada tours, Aucoin stopped in Vancouver to perform at a sushi restaurant by day, and what he calls “Vancouver’s Gus’ Pub” by night. The venue is called Hoko’s. All was well until a special segment in Aucoin’s show, in which he ditches his spot on the stage and exits the building through the front door to leave the crowd in suspense before smashingly re-entering through the back door.

“The only problem (was) that Hoko himself was supposed to meet me in the back to open the door.”
So Aucoin ran around the block to Hoko’s back door. No Hoko. Instead he was greeted by “a whole whack of crack heads.”

Aucoin probably won’t be darting out the St. Antonio’s door on Oct. 24, but his interior performance should be excellent and theatrical enough. What’s more, it’s bound to make you smile, because Aucoin has no pretensions about his music. He simply wants you have a good time. Maybe I should have written this article two weeks ago for the mental health issue. Screw drugs, therapy and self help books. Just get yourself some Rich Aucoin.


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