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Changing the scene

Dalhousie has plenty of study space on campus,  but going back to that same carrel in the bowels of the Killam every day can wear you down. As just about every student knows, studying is one of the most difficult aspects of the university experience, combining boredom with a healthy dose of anxiety.

Changing the place where you study can be really helpful in breaking out of a stressful rut. Luckily, Halifax is full of student-friendly spaces boasting both study spots and delicious refreshments – the miracle combination for fueling those all-too-necessary study binges. If you just can’t face going back to the library, never fear- there are plenty of options!

The area around campus is well served by friendly places to go if you need a break from the university pressure cooker. Located just across the street from campus, the Coburg Coffee House (6085 Coburg Rd) serves up hot beverages, comfort food, and a cozy atmosphere. If you just need a quick break or a little bit of space from the university environment, it’s a great place to stop.

A few blocks down the street, Just Us Coffee and Tea House (5896 Spring Garden Rd) provides a similar atmosphere inside a renovated Victorian house. They also have a small outdoor patio as well, where you can soak up a bit of sunlight with your latte. Closer to the Carleton Campus, Uncommon Grounds (103 South Park St) provides squashy chairs and couches to sink into with a large cup of tea. If you’re looking for a short break or a place to study that’s close to campus, these cafes have got you covered!

If the Killam’s concrete-on-concrete décor is getting you down, these next three places provide a much more visually appealing space to hang out and feel inspired:

Cabin Coffee (1554 Hollis St) will fool you into thinking it’s still summer at the cottage, with woodsy décor and massive leather couches to sink into, it is a far cry from the average library seating!

The Good Food Emporium (2186 Windsor St) provides cozy booth and window seating in a bright and colourful setting, which always cheers me up when I walk in.

Humani-T Café (1451 South Park St) is filled with a whimsical variety of cozy chairs and couches, and provides a calming and restful place to curl up with a book for a few hours. These spaces are a medium walk from campus, giving you space to get some exercise and clear your head before jumping back into studying.

No article on study spaces in Halifax could be complete without mentioning the shiny new Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road, an oasis for students and non-students alike. The Central Library is flooded with sunlight, thanks to its floor to ceiling windows, and feels spacious and airy.

With two Pavia cafés at your disposal, on the first and fifth floors, you can treat yourself to a sandwich or cookie between studying and taking in stunning views of Halifax. The Central Library is a great place to unwind, but also has all the resources you need to study effectively – a fantastic combination!

So there you are, Dalhousians! If you get into a rut, keep these options in mind. Studying may be gloomy and boring, but the places you’re studying in don’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to change things up!


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