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Corvus partners with the Gazette in essay writing competition

The Dalhousie Philosophy Society is partnering with The Dalhousie Gazette in hopes to generate more interest in their newly re-established publication Corvus.

The publication was discontinued a few years ago and the current head of the Philosophy Society, David Gourey, is bringing it back this year with the help of the Gazette. In the hopes to grow their audience, the philosophy society is holding a contest for philosophy students to submit their A+ essays to the Gazette.

“In the past, we’ve published papers from students across Canada, and right now we’re really focusing on the works of our own students here at Dal,” said Gourey. “Part of the idea behind Corvus is to get students engaging with material they may not otherwise be exposed to, and to start a conversation.”

Setting no topic restriction, Gourey is looking for 1,500 word A-level papers from different philosophical backgrounds to showcase what philosophy really is, a question often asked yet left unanswered.

“This article will give a glimpse into the kinds of writing and thinking that the society does, hopefully interesting readers enough to ask further questions about the material, and perhaps do some philosophical reading and writing of their own,” said Gourey.

Kaila Jefferd-Moore, the editor in chief of the Gazette said the opportunity to shed light on new and fresh topics is one she believes is important for the Gazette.

“Readers would be interested because it’s different and it’s not usually seen. It’s the kind of writing that we usually never incorporate in the Gazette. Students write papers about things they don’t actually agree with. It’s a different way to open dialogue on campus,” said Jefferd-Moore.

Having published several articles in the Dalhousie Gazette herself, she added that not only would this issue help philosophy students gain exposure, it also grows their confidence.

“To know that your writing is good enough to make the cut gives a lot of confidence to writers. It also looks really good on graduate school applications,” she said.

This collaboration aims to start an ongoing relationship between the readers and authors of The Dalhousie Gazette and Corvus, to open a conversation between students and inspire those to immerse themselves in philosophy whom otherwise wouldn’t have been interested in the subject.

“This is the first time that the society has collaborated with the Gazette, and we’re really excited to have this crossover between our communities,” believes Gourey. “There are a lot of really bright minds in our department and we want to help showcase that.”


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