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Creative writing: A Familia Inglesa

Edgar looked down at the newspaper, his mouth in a straight line. He was desperate to leave the country. He hated how every day was grey with a chance of rain and that hardly anything happened. He and his wife, Isabel, had been living in Isabel’s family’s house for almost five years. The house was always too cold, had a strong smell of mould and was two hours away from London. It was in the middle of nowhere.

Edgar flipped the pages to the job recruiting section and with wishful thinking, scanned every offer. Sheep farmer, post office delivery man. Even a judge. 

But then his eyes met the perfect job.

Looking for an adventure? Become an accountant for Fazenda do Antônio in Amazonas, Brazil. Located in the Amazon, work with local farmers and cowboys, and help them establish their own businesses….

Edgar put down his cup of tea and smiled. Without a second of thought, he called Isabel over. Isabel, who was holding their two-year-old daughter, Abigail, slowly rushed into the kitchen, her braided blonde hair swaying behind her.

“What? What is it?” she asked.

“Look at this!” Edgar exclaimed, shoving the paper in Isabel’s face. She sighed, trying to remain calm. She loved exploring, but they had settled at her childhood home so recently.

“You already have a job. Why would we go anywhere else?” She asked, successfully hiding her smile. Edgar’s face darkened, making his wife realize that she had remained too calm.

She was right after all. Edgar was the VP of finances at Wicktin Accounting Firm. They were stable and he was successful. But Brazil. He could finally get away. 

(Morgane Evans)

“I want to leave. England is too dull and boring. What if we went somewhere? You know, somewhere exciting.”

Isabel plopped Abigail onto Edgar’s lap and started to clean up their breakfast of eggs from the farm two doors down and bacon from the local butcher. A hearty, yet traditional meal.

“This is my childhood home. We just moved in and we barely know Portuguese,” she answered as she stacked the dirty dishes in the sink. “But… I do miss travelling.”

She hastily put a dish in a sink, suddenly excited about going somewhere far away and turned back to her husband. 

“Don’t you remember our honeymoon in Japan? I agree, we need an adventure,” she continued. Edgar smiled.

“We both know some French, I think we can get by,” he said.

“I haven’t studied French since sixth form and the last time I checked, the two languages are very different,” Isabel answered. “But any experience is helpful.”

“Well, we can learn and little Abby can learn with us,” Edgar said, ticking his daughter until she squirmed. He smiled and kissed the top of her head, peering at his wife. “We must go, Belle. It’ll be an adventure that Abby can tell her children and her grandchildren. She will have an amazing experience, and so will you.”

Isabel rolled her eyes playfully. Edgar could make her excited about anything and excited she was.

“Our lives are about to drastically change. Are you prepared for that?” She asked, smiling.

“Yes,” Edgar replied without thinking. “So is that a yes?”

“Of course.”


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