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Dalhousie actor snags role in AFF film

Josh Cruddas, a Dalhousie grad, landed a role in a feature film. (press photo)

Josh Cruddas, a Dalhousie grad, landed a role in a feature film. (press photo)

A recent Dalhousie graduate, Josh Cruddas will be appearing in the Civil War feature film Copperhead as Jimmy, an orphan taken in by the Beech family. Copperhead  premiered earlier this month at the 33rd Annual Atlantic Film Festival and takes place in wartime New York as the overseas violence begins to affect those at home.

Cruddas still remembers learning he got the part. His friends were concerned at his look of total shock.

“I bet they figured someone had died,” jokes Cruddas.  “That is, until they saw me smile.”

Cruddas’ interest in the preforming arts goes back a long time.  He was homeschooled by his mother, who introduced him and his sisters to the world of the dramatic arts and fueled his appetite for acting.  In 2005, Cruddas auditioned for Neptune Theatre’s The Sound of Music.  Since then, he has also performed the Eastern Front, the Mulgrave Road Theatre, and the Halifax Theatre for Young People.  Additionally, Cruddas has worked in television, appearing in Call Me Fitz for HBO and Titanic: The Aftermath for the Discovery Channel, as well as having pitched his voice for CTV and CBC.

This past spring, Cruddas graduated from Dalhousie University with honours in acting.  He notes that the skills that he gained from Dalhousie have been integral in his work, particularly in attaining his current level of professionalism and success.

Nonetheless, every acting job Cruddas has held has taught him something. He fondly states that working on Copperhead taught him “not just to be an actor, but to live in the world,” a lesson he will surely bring to his upcoming performances.

Natural talent has certainly taken Cruddas a long way from his early shows, but for one so accomplished, Cruddas says the publicity—not to mention the career itself—is completely surreal.

That’s one thing graduating from Dal didn’t equip Cruddas for: becoming caught up in the public eye.  Although he’s a bit nervous, he is grounded, and still feels lucky to be doing what he loves.

“I am going to continue to work as long as I can, so long as there is work to be done.”

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