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Dalhousie Arts Centre gives students and community creative space

The Dalhousie Arts Centre has created a space, which allows for creativity and collaboration, and provides a safe place to escape from the atrocities of the human-experience.  “The arts centre gave me a good impression that creativity thrived there,” said Devon McCarron. “That was very important to me, I wanted to go somewhere where the…

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Theater Review: Constellations

The latest venture from Keep Good Theatre Company is a highly intellectual emotional rollercoaster. Constellations, written by Nick Payne, is directed by Laura Vingoe-Cramandstars, Jeff Schwager and Leslie Smith in an intimate two-person play. With a minimalist set and a running time of only 60 minutes, Constellations successfully rides the fine line of digestible and…

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Lisa Corey

Major: Theatre major with an honours in acting at Dalhousie’s Fountain School of Performing Arts. This is my graduating year. Hometown: I moved around a lot as a child, but I consider my home to be rural St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Proudest achievement to date: Deciding to pursue acting, which constantly challenges me to be…

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Theatre Review: “The FEAR Project”

When a show promises to be a “new musical creation” based upon cultural fears such as June bugs, terrorists, and anal sex, it has a lot to live up to. Writers and performers Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams seem unfathomably cognizant of the weight they hold on their shoulders and keep the promise that the…

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On the Fringes

The Atlantic Fringe Festival, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, kicks off this week. The festival is a display of experimental and artistic theater, aiming to provide interesting and accessible entertainment. This year, Fringe boasts 12 venues and 50 shows – most being $10 or under, and running at multiple times and dates. The tradition of…

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Fountain School opens

Arts have a new home at Dal The much-anticipated Fountain School of Performing Arts opened its doors in July, considerably expanding music, theatre and film studies programs at Dalhousie. In May 2013, Dalhousie received a $10 million donation from the family of university chancellor Fred Fountain, making the new school possible. Canada’s largest performing arts…

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Vanishing into “How to Disappear Completely”

Itai Erdal and his mother. (Photo by Johan Lavine via Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)

  In September 2000, lighting designer Itai Erdal received news that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had only nine months to live. After moving back to Israel to be with her, he shot hours of documentary-style interview footage and took hundreds of pictures, all of his mother in her final days. Erdal transformed…

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In for the long haul

Alright everyone, it’s almost time for us all to go home and spend some time with our families over the winter break. We can all walk away from our jobs and spend our (ludicrously long) time away from school doing the same things we would between classes during school. Okay, we can’t all drink for…

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