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Flip Burger: S’Mac’k Down on the Mac Attack

Flip Burger’s poutine is called the Mac Attack.

Rather than having a gravy, it has a cheese sauce. When I first ordered the “poutine,” I was told about this. I was okay with this, with the understanding that this is the restaurant’s own version of a poutine.

When receiving the poutine, it looked like fries covered with cheese sauce. When eating the poutine, I discovered that there weren’t any cheese curds. Their “poutine” was just French fries, ground beef and macaroni with a cheese sauce. It was less like a poutine, and more like cheesy fries.

This poutine wasn’t great. While I thought the idea was good, it was not executed well. I think it would have been better if it had pieces of mac and cheese, cheese curds, ground beef, and cheese sauce. While it had cheese in the form of a sauce, it didn’t resemble a poutine at all. On top of all of this, it needed more flavour in it. The cheese sauce was good, and had a hint of jalapeno pepper. The sauce was not spicy, but had flavour of a pepper.

While I would recommend people to go and participate in poutine week, I wouldn’t not recommend this poutine.


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