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reLiSH poutines: The Ron Swanson and the Napoleon Dynamite

I ate my first poutine of the week at reLiSH Gourmet Burgers on Quinpool Road. They had two featured poutines: the Ron Swanson and the Napoleon Dynamite. The Ron Swanson (named after a character in “Parks and Recreation”) is a poutine with cheese curds, sausage, pancetta, peppercorn gravy and a fried egg that is served over medium. This poutine was a perfect example of a poutine that had flavouring added, but the flavours didn’t overpower the original taste of poutine. It had the right amount of sausage; if it had anymore, I think it would have been too salty. The fried egg also added creaminess from the yolk, but I would have preferred a runnier yolk to add more creaminess. This poutine tasted like breakfast—a well- balanced poutine.

The Napoleon Dynamite is named after the main character of the eponymous 2004 film. This poutine did not have fries, but had tater tots instead. Peppercorn gravy, cheese curds and pieces of ham topped the taters. Similar to the Ron Swanson, the Napoleon Dynamite had a good balance of ham, so it didn’t overpower the poutine and make it salty. This poutine was more simplistic, but still good.

reLiSH's Ron Swanson poutine. (Photo by Jacob Rand)
reLiSH’s Ron Swanson poutine. (Photo by Jacob Rand)

Over all I would go back and eat either of these poutines. I highly recommend going to reLiSH during Halifax Poutine Fest.


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