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Fuller House not so fulfilling

Netflix’s second season of Fuller House just might make a person miss the 90s hair and humour. People love to reminisce about their childhood. But Fuller House is proving that some things need to be left in the past.

If Fuller House replicated the humour Full House had, it would potentially be on the same level as its predecessor. Instead, it’s like any other brain-rotting tween television show.

It’s trying to walk the fine line of catering to multiple audiences. It has the characters the Full House generation loved, but it’s overdramatized like what the younger generation is drawn to.

That being said, I understand shows like Hannah Montana were the exact same. Shows I loved as a child. But when this show is supposed to live up to the Full House legend it just falls flat.

Full House was a show for the whole family; parents could sit down and watch the show without wanting to pull their hair out. The writers dropped in funny, and often sexual innuendos to keep parents laughing. All the while keeping the children entertained with the surface humour.

Fuller House’s attempt at ‘adult jokes’ misses that mark. Like the reference of “Jackson’s Mom,” when one friend of DJ’s son calls her hot. It’s referencing the song by Fountains of Wayne Stacy’s Mom released in 2003. Great song. It was a huge hit with the audience that Fuller House is trying to make feel nostalgic. But the joke was so weird and it felt awkward.

Steve and DJ cover Summer Nights from the movie Grease karaoke style. Another great song, cute concept, but it was trying too hard. Throw it back to Full House when little Stephanie sang with Uncle Jesse’s band: a naturally cute and entertaining musical scene. This scene in Fuller House is a different type of cute, it felt cheesy and forced. And again, awkward.

When thinking of Full House, adorable little blue-eyed blonde Michelle comes to mind. The funny child that everyone watched grow from an infant to a little girl. The classic thumbs up and “you got it dude!” is still quoted. Heck, I taught my four-year-old niece to do it when she was two.

The surrogate character for Fuller House is Tommy, DJ’s adorable youngest son. While precious, he isn’t as central as Michelle was. Some episodes don’t even feature one cute moment.

The last episode had some good pieces to it. Stephanie finds out she’s able to reach a personal because the family is stepping up to help. DJ and Steve have a heart to heart moment that leaves it as a cliffhanger for next season.

Fuller House just isn’t the iconic and quotable television show that Full House was. While nostalgic, it just isn’t worth the cheesy tween humour.

Eight out of 10 do not recommend.


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