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The importance of David Rose

In this image: Dan Levy on-screen in a still shot of Schitt's Creek playing on a laptop.

A show dubbed “Canada’s answer to Arrested Development” recently started its fifth season on CBC.   But Schitt’s Creek isn’t just some a carbon copy of an American sitcom. I’d argue it’s one of the best shows on television right now. There are a few reasons for this, but I’m going to focus on one: his name is David Rose. David…

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Fuller House not so fulfilling

Netflix’s second season of Fuller House just might make a person miss the 90s hair and humour. People love to reminisce about their childhood. But Fuller House is proving that some things need to be left in the past. If Fuller House replicated the humour Full House had, it would potentially be on the same…

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What would you say Seinfeld would do?

Photo supplied

The Internet is giving TV shows a new place to live, long after their supposed last episodes aired on network television. For example, after being canceled by Fox in 2009, Arrested Development is now set to debut 14 new episodes exclusively on Netflix this spring. It’s not the only show being revived online. Seinfeld is…

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The sound of music

If there is one program I would consider to be the most interesting show on television in 2012, it would have to be NBC’s reality talent show The Voice. This may seem kind of odd, considering I am a journalist who makes a large chunk of my income listening to bands the general public hasn’t…

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The good, the bad and the fabulous

Oh, TV stereotypes. Photo by Angela Gzowski

TV’s hits and misses in LGBTQ representation  The struggle for LGBTQ representation on TV has been a long one, spanning almost four decades. Today’s programs have made great strides, but we are by no means perfect. Some TV shows do a great job, some fall short, while some just bypass the community altogether. Here are…

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TV Party

By Cheryl Hann, Staff Contributor Have you ever laid awake at night wondering if The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were really as kung-fu-awesome as you remember? Or watched a particularly embarrassing YouTube clip and thought, your heart full of pity: “In 20 years, this kid will get married. As a joke, his best man will play…

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TV Carnage

Grade: A Remember when video mix-tapes were popular? Me neither, but they are exactly what they sound like – a mix of video clips instead of songs. TV Carnage is essentially a video mix-tape of the worst that TV has to offer. It takes clips from movies, TV shows, commercials, public service announcements and talent…

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