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Gazette pick: On-campus snack

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor


It should be considered a rite of passage for all frosh to enjoy at least one mouth-watering item off of the Dawgfather’s cart this September. Jerry “The Dawgfather” Reddick has been selling hotdogs, burgers, sausages and veggie dogs outside of the Student Union Building since the 90s. He has stayed with the students through thick and thin, dealing with everything from inclement weather to city by-laws that have threatened to kick him off Dalhousie’s campus. His prices are reasonable, his selection of complimentary condiments is extensive, and he frequently gives students credit on their purchases when they’re broke or without their wallets. In short, he’s one righteous dude.

So while it may not be the most nutritious choice, grabbing a quick bite from the Dawgfather every once in a while is definitely a worthwhile indulgence. Just be sure to order a “Phat Boy”, not a hot dog, unless you want the Dawgfather to tease you about being a newbie.

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