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Harvest time in Halifax

September. A time of fresh starts, lengthy syllabi and the brutal end of healthy eating habits. Nutrition can take a back seat when the stresses of being a busy and financially strained student set in.  As far as produce goes, the attempt to buy fresh can seem fruitless in more ways than one. Add the…

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Vice President Finance and Operations: Todd Best

Name: Todd Best Hometown: Sackville, NS Major, Year: Double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, fifth year   What do you think makes you qualified for this role? As a double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, I have proven to be great with numbers. As the treasurer of the Dalhousie Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics…

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Fresh Rolls

  Not sure about you folks, but we like to keep things fresh. The best way to do this in the winter is to get together with some friends and some of your favourite veggies (we pick up all of ours at the DSU market!) and make some fresh rolls. Everything here is vegan and…

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Top 5 places to eat healthy on campus

Healthy eating is hard, and it’s especially hard if you feel like you have limited options. While Dalhousie doesn’t have an abundance of healthy eating options, there are still some ways to avoid eating poutine and pizza everyday. Here is a top five list of some of the calorie-wise, veggie-filled options you can have around…

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Gazette pick: Hung-over breakfast

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor   When university students are hung-over we revert back to infanthood. We whine, we moan, we yearn to be taken care of. Is there any better treatment for a hangover than a greasy breakfast made for us while we drown our sorrows in five cups of coffee? Athens Restaurant (6273 Quinpool…

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Gazette pick: Sushi

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor   Doraku, located on 1579 Dresden Row, is the epitome of delicious simplicity. This tiny hole in the wall serves up some of the freshest fish that Halifax has to offer. It is especially reassuring to know that Doraku is closed on Mondays since fish deliveries are made on Tuesday mornings.…

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Gazette pick: On-campus snack

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor   It should be considered a rite of passage for all frosh to enjoy at least one mouth-watering item off of the Dawgfather’s cart this September. Jerry “The Dawgfather” Reddick has been selling hotdogs, burgers, sausages and veggie dogs outside of the Student Union Building since the 90s. He has stayed…

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Frosh guide to cheap food and drinks

By Erica Eades, Assistant Arts Editor   You’re in your first year of university. You (or your parents) are about to dish out some serious cash for tuition, residence, textbooks and everything else you might need for life on your own. But keeping a steady social life during your freshman year is just as important as…

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Gazette pick: Brunch

Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor    Mounds of fruit and pancakes cannot compare to the fresh and innovative fare of jane’s on the common (2394 Robie St.). jane’s is a local, neighbourhood restaurant that makes its meals from scratch, sourcing many ingredients from local suppliers. Their prices are a bit more than you would pay at a…

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