Vice President Finance and Operations: Todd Best

He wants to spend more money on campus food and mental health initiatives

Name: Todd Best

Hometown: Sackville, NS

Major, Year: Double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, fifth year


What do you think makes you qualified for this role?

As a double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, I have proven to be great with numbers. As the treasurer of the Dalhousie Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Society (DUMASS) as well as the Vice-President of Finance of the Dalhousie Science Society (DSS), I have learned to balance a budget and complete other financial documents.

Throughout my time here at Dalhousie, I have learned many useful skills applicable to this role as Vice-President Finance and Operations. I am capable of doing complicated calculations in Microsoft Excel, which is very useful when creating budgets, completing general ledgers, bank reconciliations and many other financial and accounting documents.

As the VP Finance of the DSS, I learned to run a grants committee (similar to the DSU grants committee) and I have also learned to perform audits on constituent societies. I think through all of these things, I have a well rounded experience for this position.

Do you hope to use the DSU’s spending to fund smaller student initiatives or look at ways to use funds to invest in larger projects?

In the coming year, I am really looking forward to consulting with students and also seeing what types of student initiatives come forward. I would love to see some of the DSU’s spending go towards funding these small student initiatives. I have been putting quite a bit of thought into some of the larger projects I will be taking on also. This includes increasing the maximum mental health spending in the health plan from $1000 to $1500 and starting a savings fund to do independent food service in the SUB if we’re unsatisfied with Chartwells service during the new contract.

What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of your term?

As mentioned above, one of the big things I want to accomplish is increasing the maximum spending on mental health in the health plan. I will be able to make this happen through the increase in the health plan cost before I come into office. I also want to ensure that we are getting the most out of our food services. Whether that means closely monitoring the food services to ensure that Chartwells is holding up their promises, or starting a savings fund to go independent down the road. I would like to see that there is also a catering service put in place for cultural and social events held in the SUB. Lastly, I am extremely excited to consult with students to see  what accomplishments they think are most important during my term.

What sort of background do you have in finance?

I have taken some finance based math courses throughout my degree, which I really enjoyed. Outside of that, my finance experience extends to my society experience. As mentioned, I was previously the treasurer of DUMASS and I am currently the VP Finance of the DSS. In these roles, I have learned many key finance concepts that will be used in the position of DSU VP Finance and Operations. I see this position as being an amazing opportunity to increase my finance and accounting knowledge. I promise to work tirelessly to learn everything I need to know about this job and I can assure you that I’m very capable, especially when it comes to a numbers related job such as this one.

What is your favourite thing about Dalhousie?

My favourite thing about Dalhousie is the amazing education that it has provided me, among many other students. We have so many amazing professors here willing to go above and beyond to ensure that we get a world class education. The students here are amazing too, and although we have a long way to work towards inclusiveness, I believe we’re headed in the right direction.   

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