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Girl Talk parties all night

Girl Talk’s Sept. 15 show at The Forum was everything Girl Talk should be: Sweaty, heavy and most of all, a party!

Photo by Evan McIntyre

In traditional GT fashion, Gregg Gillis had fans on stage for the entirety of his set, almost challenging them to dance and rock as hard as he was. Throughout the concert, there was total mayhem, with crowd surfing, flashing lights, confetti, inflatables and balloons.

Photo by Evan McIntyre.

Oh, and did I mention the music? If you haven’t heard Girl Talk’s mashup madness, you can download his latest album, All Day for free here:

His music is an awesome combination of party-rap and top 40 hits of present and past, mixed together to create a soundtrack that is one of the most exemplary of Generation Y yet.


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