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Good People Doing Good Things: Joe Seney

After three years of Junior A hockey in Ontario, Dalhousie University student Joe Seney set out on a path to excellence in the management program.

Seney, a third-year management student, has taken on a lot during his time at Dalhousie.

“I’m in my third year at Dalhousie but actually my last year, because I took two courses before coming here; I was playing hockey,” said Seney.

“I sped up my degree. I took six courses last year per semester, and then two in the summer, and I’m going to have four credits left. I’m planning on going to Oxford for the study abroad for one semester in the fall to finish my degree.”

On top of six courses, he also works with the Management Society.

Seney says he joined the Management Society based on the suggestion of Margie Muise, management program administrator.

“I came out here with one another guy I knew, we played a lot of hockey together, and I didn’t really know anyone,” said Seney. “So I asked, how can I get involved and you know meet people? She basically recommended Management Society.”

Since then Seney has been the first-year representative as well as the Dalhousie Student Union representative in his first year, the vice president academic last year, and the vice president of finance this year.

In his time at the Management Society, he’s been involved with multiple charity initiatives, review sessions for hard management classes and been an advocate for management students.

In second year, he decided to add more to his schedule by joining a start-up company when his friends needed a sales representative.

The company, EGB Insurance, was an insurance company for hospitals, for cyber-attacks on medical records. According to Seney, at one point during his time there, the company was valued at $3-million.

His primary role was to keep everyone happy which involved contacting investors and clients in the U.S or London, England.

“At one point they both left the company – the two of my friends – and so I was running the entire company from my room,” he said.

Eventually, they decided as a group to end it; Seney joined another insurance company.

Most recently, Seney won the Frank H. Sobey Excellence in Business Studies Award for his academics and involvement with EGB insurance.

“I applied for that in about September/October. I put all this stuff, you know my whole experience with the start-up company, my involvement at Dalhousie, my hockey, and my future plans to attend Oxford, and stuff like that. And I ended up winning the award.”

Seney has a lot of pride in the management program at Dalhousie.

“Usually, I think, Margie told me they chose commerce students when Dalhousie students get chosen, but this year I was a management student, so I guess management students can do it too.”

Although his life has been busy, he still manages to find some time to have fun.

“Typical university life too. I have five roommates, so you know pretty good time there at the house.”

As for time management, Seney has one suggestion, which he heard from Toronto Maple Leafs coach, Mike Babcock on TV: be present.

“The most important thing is, when you’re doing something, you know when you go to class, if you’re going to class, if you’re out with your friends, if you’re doing volunteer events, if you’re working, just be present.”

“It’s what I’ve tried to do ever since I got to Dal, just whatever I’m doing, I try to pay attention to that, that’s it.”

Another piece of advice: take a chance.

It’s something he learned when playing Junior A hockey and experiencing multiple trades. Without his risk-taking, he said he’d never have become involved at EGB, but now it’s what has been best in starting his career


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